J-INTERCAL is a Java implementation of the programming language INTERCAL designed by Don Woods and James Lyon. The J-INTERCAL Project strives to deliver the full power of INTERCAL on every Java-enabled platform. Just imagine having INTERCAL not only on PCs and workstations but also on handhelds, cellphones and fridges! J-INTERCAL was written for Java 1.1 and has been successfully tested on JDK 1.2 (aka Java 2) as well.

If you have no idea what all this is about, I suggest you have a look at Brian Raiter's INTERCAL Page first.


The latest version of J-INTERCAL is jintercal-0.12.zip (54k, source included).


2001-01-14: J-INTERCAL 0.12 JIVM step 1 has been released. The compiler bug has been fixed by removing the statement splitting pass that was done before the actual parsing. The JIVM runtime is unchanged. Download jintercal-0-12.zip (54k).

2001-01-14: While trying to compile an INTERCAL quine, I found a minor bug in the compiler. Due to the way the parser works, "PLEASEREADOUT" is parsed as "PLEASE REA DO OUT".

2000-09-07: J-INTERCAL 0.11 JIVM step 1 has been released. The compiler recognizes the full INTERCAL-72 language and the C-INTERCAL COME FROM extension. However, only binary INTERCAL is supported right now. Download jintercal-0-11.zip (55k).

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